Saturday, April 30, 2016

Why I am Losing Money #Yelpadvertising


About 4 years ago I created a free account on yelp, after they solicited me through online research. In all reality, Yelp's team found my listing on Google and invited me to Join.....So they could sell me advertising.  Soon after I created a free account. After some time I became fluent with their system, Downloading pictures of performed Electrical Services. We provided pictures of Heating and Air installations and various other Remodeling Projects that had been completed. After some of the people that found me on yelp started calling  Argo Electrical we could see the potential value in a partnership with #Yelp. So as the weeks unfolded, the #Impressions that our listing received was good. So we agreed to enter in an agreement with #Yelpsux. 


  Well immediately we had a disagreement on the information of my Paid #Listing. So I tired to convey the message that I was unhappy. At one point I was told by my account manager that if I didn't Like what they were doing, I could pay them $600 to cancel. 

  At this point I explained to them that they had not met the terms of the contract. I made the decision that the #ElectricianinCummingGA  needed to try to continue this advertising venture. After several months I began to realize that competitors ads were being placed on my page. That's right Electricians in Cumming GA were being placed on my page where I had paid for an advertisement. Normally I wouldn't complain, however I paid extra $$$ To prevent viewers from seeing other competitors on my page.    

  Much to my dismay as I began tracking my Web Exposure through Their site, after I reached a certain number of impressions every month they #Impeded my visibility on their site. SO even though there were only 4 #Electricians in Cumming GA on their site, I couldn't be found...I was livid
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